Words from a depressed politico to a tired nation

I’ve never been much of a runner. I always preferred sports for my exercise. Basketball is my sport of choice and I played throughout my life including in college. I guess I don’t like the idea of anything where you just run and there’s nothing else to it.

Today after a long hiatus from exercise because of this presidential year, I went for a run. But instead of running on a road or a sidewalk, I ran in a beautiful park down trails along a creek. Whenever I wanted to stop and enjoy a squirrel climbing a tree, the meandering Hoggetowne Creek, or just watch the leaves falling here in Florida, I did. This is a different way to run. This is a running that doesn’t lose sight of the journey. This is a running that, when needed, stops and enjoy the scenery. I’ve never run like this before.

That reminded me of something a mentor of mine, Mike Patz told me about a year ago. He said I’m a sprinter not a distance runner. More like Usain Bolt. (I know, Usain, I’m nothing like you.) I’ve pondered this ever since. What does it mean to be a sprinter in life? What does it mean about the things that I do? Or don’t do? What does this say about me? Is it even true?

I’m realizing that it is. Throughout my life I’ve been able to go at speeds and levels of intensity that very few people are able to handle. But I can’t sustain it for too long. If I try I will crash and burn.

So what does a sprinter have to do? He must rest after each race.

Many of you have asked me what I’m up to. The answer is, not much. I have been deliberately quiet and avoiding a lot of activity. Part of this is the simple fact that I’m exhausted and the election is over. Part of this is the natural depression that comes after a period of high intensity in life. Part of it is that I don’t want to jump into opining on matters of such weight for our country and our world.
It has been said that at times, for the good, we pour ourselves out to the point of being completely empty. This has been the case for me. And so being emptied I must refill. Refill from the Source. Refill with goodness and truth and beauty. Be quiet long enough not just to hear but to truly listen. In times of refreshing we must give ourselves space to ensure that we fill up our empty tanks with things that will renew us and give us life, not further drain us or lead to death.

So perhaps you would like to know what I think about Donald Trump. Maybe you’d like to hear my thoughts on building a new political party. Maybe you think I should hang it up and stay out of politics altogether. These are all things I’ve pondered myself. But here’s what I know sitting here today on this park bench looking at this beautiful creek: I’m not ready and that’s OK.

7 thoughts on “Words from a depressed politico to a tired nation

  1. Take your time and know that many of us are in a similiar situation. Just listening to the political chatter on TV makes me want to go to a quiet place and rest my mind. Pundits are supporting Trump on some channels and on others they are questioning what is happening and it seems there are more questions than answers at this point in time.

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  2. You and your mama are so much alike in that we are both sprinters……short-term creative project people who get bored easily with the maintenance details of a launched or completed project. So we need to choose life work that matches that strength set….and find others who love the maintenance details to hand off to. And you are so wise…. to rest between sprints. I have no doubt that the Lord is preparing you in this down time for the next 100 yard dash!! All love, mom

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  3. ‘GOD’S NOT DONE YET’ with the 2016 Presidential Election!
    Stay Tuned – He’s Doing a NEW thing!
    Joel, I agree with your mom! You are gifted!
    We each are – and each unique!
    Yes, a time of rest! With family. Relaxing, and talking with God.
    But I believe you heard God last spring — absolutely right on!
    I believe you heard God last spring about seeking someone to run against the two UNFIT candidates for President of the United States of America, a role that greatly impacts this country and all the world!
    I don’t believe any of us ‘missed God’ in giving ourselves fully in working with Him to do what was needed for ‘Evan from Heaven’ (I call him, because I believe he was and is a gift from God to us! And you too!) to get elected as our next President!
    I believe it is not a matter of having missed God in any way — but rather just that ‘He is NOT DONE YET!!’
    I believe God wants us to ‘stay tuned in’ and ‘keep on walking on water’ with Him, as we have been and see him do a NEW thing!!
    Evan is right! Donald Trump believes in authoritarian rule! ‘It’s the tough guys who win! Might is right!’
    And is in bed with Hillary, Obama, and liberal Establishment! Soros, Trump Foundation, Clinton Foundation, Russia, China, Iran, etc!
    But our Founding Fathers had much to say in regard to ‘This government will only work for a virtuous people!’ That is Judeo/Christian! Bible-believing!
    God LOVES us and KNOWS “When the righteous are in authority, the people mourn; and when the ungodly (wicked) rule, the people rejoice!” (Proverbs 29:2)
    It is not until a person is born-again that they actually get the ‘Light on’ within, so we can’t expect the ungodly to have what is needed! In Ephesians 6:10-18, it says that “our battle is not against flesh and blood” not even our own, “but against the ‘spiritual forces of darkness!” And for us to not just accept and go with any thoughts or feelings that come upon us, but rather to take wrong thoughts captive! Sometimes it’s a big fight and it is a big help to know God wants us to be “Strong in the Lord, in the strength of GOD’S MIGHT!” “..so that’ you CAN (Donald Trump, for instance, ‘CAN NOT’) STAND against the wiles of the enemy!”
    We are to be a LIGHT in the Darkness! A Light to the Clintons, Obama, Mitch McConnel, Nancy Pelosi (who is involved in the occult and has a spirit guide (demon ‘help’) — I’ve been there, and have great PITY for her!)
    I’ve read ‘Tortured For Christ’ and ‘Marx & Satan’, both by Rev Richard Wurmbrand. Richard Wurmbrand and his wife Sabina were Christians tortured and imprisoned for being Christians in Romania by the Communists during the time of the Soviet Union. (Valdimir Putin may have been a young man in the KGB at that time – no, too young. That was later.)
    In ‘Tortured for Christ’ Richard Wurmbrand described the great hostility toward him by his torturers in prison just because he was a Christian! Extreme cruelty, as painful as they could make it! Almost to the point of death, but work to keep him alive to not let him have the relief of dying! At one point Richard asked Jesus ‘These are not people! What are they? People don’t act like this! I don’t understand. What are they?’ I believe the Holy Spirit moved upon Richard to inquire of God about how could any people do such inhumane things.
    And God answered Richard by telling him to “Study Satanism when you get out!” That helped encourage Richard Wurmbrand in his faith that someday he would be released form the torturous Soviet prison camp (in a total of 14 years) he was in, as well as helped him be conscious that the Communists were involved in Satanism. Even if not initially, those who weren’t into Satanism, nevertheless, ‘the devil had blinded the minds of the unbelieving, lest they get the Light of the glorious Gospel’ (2 Cor 4:4). Also, demons can control people who are so influenced by them in such a society, some more than others.
    When Richard Wurmbrand his wife, and their son, all separated for years in Soviet prisons, did as God had led them and went and reported the truth about their being cruelly tortured by the communists; telling it both in the UK and also in May 1966 before the US Senate Internal Security’s Subcommittee, Richard Wurmbrand showing them his 18 deep torture wounds on his back. (Had many others; feet tortured so bad he couldn’t wear shoes for a while, giving talks in his bear feet!)
    Rev Richard Wurmbrand and his wife and son started ‘Voice of the Martyrs’ which goes on today and is a big help for the persecuted church.
    Richard Wurmbrand did study Satanism when he got out of the communist Soviet prison and after doing much research in studying Satanism wrote ‘Marx and Satan’.
    I learned of that book about eight years ago from Joseph Farrah of World Net Daily (WND) who said it had been a life changer. He said the book told of how Karl Marx, known as the ‘Father of Communism’, had been a Christian, but when he went to college and learned about Darwinian evolution, he saw how much it contradicted the Bible that he could no longer believe the Bible, and of course, nor in Jesus or even in God!
    So I ordered the book and read it and also found it to be a great eye-opener for me! And I thanked God, knowing I had gotten greatly deceived as a Christian myself, even to the point of doubting the Bible, that I didn’t end up ‘stuck there’ as Karl Marx did. But I can relate! (long story – long dark journey!)
    I do tell a bit of that dark journey, accidentally drawn into the occult even though a Christian, and how God got me out, in a book review of ‘Marx and Satan’. And how God is using that awful personal experience in my life today; working for good when the devil meant for evil, to destroy my life with! (Romans 8:28)
    See my review of the book ‘Marx and Satan’ on my WordPress site called https://www.Jesus2016Compassion4America.com on the right, under ‘Soteria’s Reads’ if you like.
    Anyway, reading about Richard Wurmbrand telling of the cruel Communists’ persecution of him to the US Senate Security Subcommittee in 1966 reminded me of Evan McMullin’s Ted Talk which I listened to about four times, telling of when he got Caesar of Syria to tell how they were persecuting the people there who were dissenting, just by speaking up about the cruelty of Assad’s regime. I’m assuming you have heard Evan’s TED Talk of May 2016 (on YouTube) and know about the persecutions I’m talking about. I believe God used this in Evan’s life very much! And eventually stirred him to run for US President, just what is needed at this time!
    I know Evan McMullin is a Mormon. And you, Joel, are not. I am not a Mormon either. I don’t believe the Book of Mormon. But I do believe Evan McMullin and many other Mormons do know Jesus! They believe the Bible, and from believing the scriptures and getting Light from them, I believe they have called upon the Name of the Lord, and gotten born again. I see the revelation many of them have, and the fruit of it! I have not seen that kind of fruit in Mormon Mitt Romney’s life. It comes from knowing God through His Word!
    Well, Joel, I’m glad you have had a rest, able to have more time with your family, and also to ponder and talk with God about various things. I believe that has been much the same with us all who were working on the 2016 Presidential campaign, but who did not believe we were to vote for evil — that God must have someone else! And I believe he did — and STILL DOES!
    I personally believe God is saying that:
    HE IS NOT DONE YET! Still working on a MIRACLE!! YEAH!!
    Doing a NEW THING!! Yes, an old Constitution, but it is taking MIRACLES to get us in the place where the “Righteous are in authority” and we are able to operate from what is still our Law of the Land!
    I personally don’t believe “the people have spoken” in Donald trump winning the 2016 Republican primary, nor the general election. I know we are in some battles here in TX of election fraud! And I’ve heard that we are one of the states that is better off in that area, and in most respects. Voter fraud where Republicans have lost, and there is NO DOUBT! When you hear the facts of the case(s), it is appalling! One is suing and is in appeals court right now. I know God will bring the victory!
    So Joel, are you back sprinting again yet?
    You sure did an excellent job with Evan McMullin’s campaign! And I have enjoyed getting to learn about you from listening to you talks while on the campaign trail. And also learn about you and your family in reading your blog and other material (tweets?).
    Right now, I’m in faith for God to cause enough Electors to SEE by Dec 19th that our country is in great DANGER, in having either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as our next President! I believe we need someone who can STAND up against GIANT socialism/communism, not a weak moderate Republican (RINO), but that can be arrived at in the House of Representatives when it ends up there! Praise the Lord!
    Thank you again Joel, for all that you have done for us in acting when you heard God, and continued full speed ahead for those months it was needed, and for how God is going to use you in the future!! And, of course, your wife too!
    With Jesus’ Compassion 4 America! (& the world!)
    Love, Soteria (& Jesus!!)


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